Mohawk Grain & Edge Filler Water-Based - 1 gallon

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Mohawk Grain & Edge Filler is a fast dry, water-based wood filler that can be used as a grain filler on open pore wood or as an edge filler to pre-fill routed or shaped edges of MDF panels. Mohawk Grain & Edge Filler will accept stain colors.


  • Water based, non-flammable, zero VOC, dries fast
  • Sands well, takes stain well, cleans with water
  • If product becomes dry or you want to thin, add drops of warm water
  • If product freezes, simply let it thaw before use

Mohawk Grain & Edge Filler must be sealed with a wet coat of lacquer sealer or vinyl sealer. DO NOT SELF SEAL WITH CONVERSION VARNISH OR PRE-CAT LACQUER!!

After being sealed, Grain & Edge Filler accepts any varnish, urethane, wax, polish, lacquer, linseed, tung and various other oils.

Application Tips

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